Secrets To Making Clear Tea

Barista Tip of the Week

By Imack Coffee - April 11, 2017

Secrets To Making Clear Tea

  • When tea steeps, tannins (the natural compounds that color tea leaves) are released into the boiling water. The heat helps dissolve them, and the brew is clear enough to see through. Refrigeration can cause tannins to separate out again, turning the tea murky. Generally, higher-quality tea contains more tannins (because it is richer in solids) and is more likely to become cloudy.  
  • Hard water can also make your iced tea cloudy. Also the minerals in your water could be causing the cloudiness. Try using bottled or filtered water and let the tea stand at room temperature for an hour after steeping.
  • Do not use cold water (use room temperature water).
  • Do not add ice to hot tea, only add the ice cubes to your drinking glass and then pour the tea over the ice cubes.
  • Do not put it straight into the refrigerator after it's made. Let it cool at room temperature first. THEN put it in the refrigerator. Cooling too fast makes the tannin settle out, causing cloudy tea.
  • If the tea turns murky in the refrigerator, add a cup of boiling water to one quart of tea - it should clear up the cloudiness. Remember, it will also dilute the tea, so add less ice.
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Cream Chargers and Dispensers

Barista Tip of the Week

By Imack Coffee - January 10, 2017

Explore New Tastes!

Use your cream dispenser and be creative to make specialty drinks for your coffee shop. Every week you can offer a special drink with flavored whipped cream. We all know you can use Green Mint for Saint Patrick's Day but...

Simply add 1 ¾ oz. of your desired flavored syrup with 8 ½ oz. of fresh cream to your whipped cream dispensers. Add a gas cartridge and shake!

Please visit our facebook for our Espresso Con Panna Recipe!

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Filters and Water Softeners

Barista Tip of the Week

By Imack Coffee - January 3, 2017

Change your equipments filters and water softeners regularly. Clean filtered water is essential for great coffee, even if you use Imack Coffee!

Most filters have a lifespan of 6 months or 1250 gallons. If ignored, filters will result in costly machine repairs and poor-tasting beverages.

Start the New Year with new filters. Then set reminders when a change is due on your smart phone or remember to do them with your quarterly filings.

Imack Coffee offers a variety of easy to change Omnipure filter and water softeners, which you can replace yourself.

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