Imack Teas & Chai


Numi Teas

Numi is unique in its commitment to using ORGANIC and FULL LEAF teas in its tea bags, not bitter-tasting tea dust or fannings. You’ll find fresh pure herbs and real fruits without added oils or flavorings resulting in an authentic cup. Numi’s tea boxes are made of 100% post-consumer waste and the tea bags are made of biodegradable material.

Third Street Organic Iced Teas

International Tea Master Barry W. Cooper travels the globe in search of the finest tea leaves for use in his signature blends of iced teas. Third Street has partnered with Barry to brew and bottle these special concentrated organic tea blends. Now you can enjoy a glass – or pitcher – of real, artisan brewed tea in just seconds!

Third Street Chai

Third Street chai concentrates start with whole, organic spices, which they hand-mill in their 100% wind-powered microbrewery in Boulder Colorado. They then steep these spices with organic and Fair Trade Certified teas to produce the freshest, most authentic chai on the market. Their chai is lightly sweetened, with a flavor that is perfectly balanced between spicy and sweet. When they are done brewing, they compost 100% of their ingredients with local organic farmers.  Easy to prepare, simply mix with equal parts milk or milk substitute.

Big Train Chai Tea

Big Train award-winning chai is a delicious beverage with a blend of honey, vanilla, black tea, and exotic spices. Steam with milk for a delicious chai latte or splash over ice for a cool, refreshing pick me up. Big Train Chai refreshes your body and soul. Enjoy the rich creamy taste.

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