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Matcha Recipes

By Imack Coffee - August 15, 2017

Basic Matcha Latte Recipe

1. Make Matcha Paste: 

Scoop 1 heaping tablespoon of Matcha into a 12 oz. cup. (For 16oz latte, use 2 tbsp.)
Add a splash of water.
Mix with a whisk until smooth.

2. Fill 12 oz. cup with milk or milk alternative.

(For best results with a milk alternative, use unflavored, unsweetened soy milk!)

3. Steam: Pour into steaming pitcher and steam.

Iced Matcha Latte

Instead of steaming, just pour over ice!

Attention Latte Artists!

You will need to adjust the basic Matcha Latte Recipe: Reserve several ounces of the milk in Step 2 to steam separately; add to steamed Matcha Latte at the end to create your latte art.


Nature's Matcha: Add 1-2 tsp. of natural sweetener like agave, honey, maple syrup or simple syrup.

Vanilla Cream Matcha: Add 1 pump of vanilla syrup before steaming. Top with whipped cream - extra points for a light dusting of Match on top for decoration.

Tropical Matcha Latte: Add a pump of syrup like pineapple, mango, coconut, guava, or passion fruit before steaming.


Matcha-cino: Make Matcha Paste. Steam milk for foam; pour over paste and give it a quick stir.

Matcha Cocoa: Make Matcha Paste; pour Hot Chocolate into paste and stir; top with whipped cream and a dusting of Matcha.

Matcha Made in Heaven Smoothie: Add 1-2 tbsp. of Matcha to your smoothie recipes to make green tea smoothies. (Tip: berries + matcha don't look pretty together!)

The Vegan: Start with the Basic Matcha Latte Recipe, but instead use hemp or cashew milk and add 2 tsp. of agave nectar.